Quarter Two Awards

Written by: Cara Brubaker

First Grade



Kindergarten: Perfect Attendance: Mackenzie Bland

1st Grade: Perfect Attendance:

Second Grade

Jamarr Norris, Allison Morr

2nd Grade: 1st Honors: Ava Gaytan, Anna Rall

Third and Fourth Grade

2nd Honors: Greyson Brasseur, Mason Converse, Leo Mancha,

Sophie Shifflet
Special Effort: William Brown, Marcus Caldwell, Jaydon Fultz, Nyla Williams

3rd Grade: 1st Honors:

Elizabeth Chumbley, Hayley Derrenberger, Owen Morrow
2nd Honors: Aidan Boothe, Darriyona Marsh, Nolan O’Connor, Bradlee Wolfe
Perfect Attendance: Bradlee Wolfe

4th Grade: 2nd Honors: Ethan Hasenauer
Special Effort: Lily Colarosa

5th Grade: Perfect Attendance: Trinity Withrow

Fifth Grade

1st Honors: Emily Nolan, Callea Shifflet
1st Honors All A’s: Caelyn Brubaker, James Henley, Rachel Penrose, Owen Repp, Trinity Withrow
2nd Honors: Nate Hart, James Jerger
Reading Award: Nate Hart

6th Grade: Perfect Attendance: Thomas Tate, Mackenzie Niemiec

Sixth Grade

1st Honors All A’s: Hailea Montanez, Tony Mancha, Peyton Bodnar, Adriana Bautz
2nd Honors: Natalie VanDyne, Mackenzie Neimiec, Kierstyn Laskey, Litzky Davalos, Mahala Boothe
Special Effort: Fred Timko, Gavin Knox, Makenzie Hardin

7th Grade: Perfect Attendance: Madison Bland, Jordan Niemiec
2nd Honors: Madison Bland, Jordan Niemiec
1st Honors All A’s: Nathan Rall

8th Grade: Perfect Attendance: William Laskey

Seventh and Eigth Grade

Special Effort: Mackenzie Montanez
2nd Honors: Emilee Bodnar, Jamie Howard, Adam Knox
1st Honors All A’s: Cara Brubaker, Caden Brubaker, Abby Rall, Audrey VanDyne

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