House System

The house system is a form of community building and has been a part of European schools for centuries. Recently, this system has become popular in many Catholic schools in the United States. Our house system at St. Mary School is a way to organize our students laterally throughout our building. This system allows our older students to be mentors for our younger students. Some of the ways the house system is utilized include: sitting together at Mass and dismissal times, during House activities each month, and competitively for some school mission events. The house council is led by Mrs. Sendelbach. Our school has four houses, each led by two faculty members.
The House of St. Joan of Arc (Red): Mrs. Sendelbach & Mrs. Webb

The House of St. Francis of Assisi (Green): Ms. Mohrbacher & Ms. Ewing

The House of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Purple): Mrs. Morr & Mrs. Adkins

The House of St. Juan Diego (Yellow): Mr. Mancha & Mrs. Brubaker