Vision, Mission, Beliefs

Our Mission

St. Mary School, a ministry of St. Mary of the Snows Parish, is a community of faith open to all families to pass on the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  We are committed to preparing students for lifelong learning by empowering intellectual, spiritual, moral, and emotional growth.

Our Vision

St. Mary School will be celebrated as a community of learners who develop in mind, body, and spirit their God-given talents to be leaders of tomorrow.

Our Statements of Belief

We believe…

We are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ through word, action, and deed.

Our positive environment and a caring community are essential to effective instruction and learning fostering each individuals God-given talents and faith journey.

Our Christ-centered education nurtures the formation of the who child intellectually, spiritually, morally, and emotionally.

In achieving high academic standards by accommodating for learning differences through the use of data, varied assessment tools and our Diocesan curriculum.

In continuous growth and learning through study, reflection, discussion, and action.

Success will be experienced when all in our school community, including parents, students, teachers, and parishioners work together for our common goals.

Parents are the primary religious educators of their children and we must encourage them to build that foundation.