Transportation Considerations


According to Ohio law, students in grades K-8 are to be provided with bus transportation if they live over two miles from the chartered nonpublic school they attend and less than 30 minutes from the public school they are assigned to attend. The parents’ district of residence may offer payment in lieu of transportation only after considering each of the following factors:

  • the time and distance required to provide such  transportation;
  • the number of pupils to be transported;
  • the cost of providing transportation in terms of equipment, maintenance, personnel and administration;
  • whether similar or equivalent service is provided to other pupils eligible for transportation;
  • whether and to what extent the additional service unavoidably disrupts current transportation schedules; and/or
  • whether other reimbursable types of transportation are available. 

Contact your bus garage for more information.

Family Drop off and Pick up Procedures

Drop Off: Please pull up to the door to ensure there are no other students entering the building before allowing your child to exit your vehicle.

Pick up: Please encourage your child to enter your vehicle quickly. We ask that adults do not exit their vehicles to assist the students. Our staff member on dismissal duty will assist if needed. We ask the first car to stop at the flagpole so we can load three cars at the same time.