Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Walker

Mrs. Walker is the fifth grade home room teacher and also teaches Language Arts to grades 4 to 8. The 2019/2020 school year will be her 36th year teaching at St. Mary’s. She says that there are so many things she loves about our school, it’s hard to narrow a favorite part down. She loves teaching the upper grades so she has an opportunity to really know each of her students well by the time they leave after eighth grade. She also loves that she has the opportunity to teach with her friends each day. Both of her parents, her brother and herself were/are either teachers or administrators. They all graduated from Ashland College (now University).

When asked what they thought of Mrs. Walker, some of our students said:

“Mrs. Walker is super nice and gentle.”
“I like when she is sarcastic and people believe her.”
“I like Mrs. Walker because she is fun and doesn’t give you much homework.”
“She helps students reach their goal.”
“Mrs. Walker is my favorite teacher, hands down! I love the way she teaches, and she’s very kind and understanding.”

Mrs. Walker is also well loved and respected by her co-workers. A few things her fellow teachers had to say…

“Mrs. Walker cares deeply for her students. She is very organized, loving and firm. The students adore her.”
“She has a wonderful rapport with her students. She uses humor in every day!”
“Mrs. Walker is the most amazing teacher I know. She cares deeply about our school. She shows compassion and love. I am honored to call her my friend.”

We are so blessed to have Mrs. Walker with us at St. Mary School!