Health Considerations

What if a student or staff member becomes ill at school?

  • If a student, staff, or volunteer begins to show symptoms or has a temperature above 100°F while at school, they must immediately be separated from other students, staff, or volunteers, given a face covering, and monitored by a staff member wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintaining physical distance when possible. 
    • The child must be picked up from school immediately.
  • School personnel must refer those displaying symptoms of COVID-19 to an appropriate health care professional or testing sites.
  • Schools must monitor daily absences of students and staff for trends. Students and staff are expected to stay home if ill. Parents or guardians must call the office (419-589-2114) by 8:00 AM to report absences.
  • Staff, volunteers, support workers, and students who have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cannot return to school until they meet CDC criteria for return to work/school
  • Individuals who test positive for or are suspected to have COVID-19 must experience an improvement in symptoms and isolate for a period of time before returning to school.